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Mix Colour Guinea Fowl Fertile Eggs
  • Adults are a mixed coloured flock, carefully selected for rare colors and beautiful color patterns such as pied and pinto.


    Colours are Pearl Pied, Lavender Pied, Cinnamon, Ivory, Silver, Peach, Chocolate and Periwinkle.


    Guinea fowl are wilder in nature then chickens. Can be kept in large coops they can roost high in or enclosed orchids, key is enclosed here otherwise they will fly out! They are great and most happy when free ranged on acreage to keep down insects such as ticks, fleas, grasshoppers, slugs etc. Will sound an alarm for predators such as hawks and have even been known to kill snakes.


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    Mix Colour Guinea Fowl Fertile Eggs

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    • We have an amazing variety of colour in our flock of guinea fowl and the colours hatched are a lucky dip. You never know what colours you can find!

      All Fertile Eggs are candled and checked throughly for quality.
      All our poutry are fed high quality feed, supplements tailored for each stage of growth.