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    Pullets from 4-6 months old. No unwanted roosters! No heat lamps! These birds will be old enough and hardy to go straight into the coop plus will be quicker to start laying.

    This option allows you to purchase exactly the breed of pullet you would like.


    Pick up only. No postage!


    About Our Breeds 


    Partridge and Lemon Pyle Brahma 


    They are majestic breed and stately in appearance and movement. Known as the ‘King of All Poultry’, largest breed of chicken you can get in Australia. Despite the Brahmas signature eagle angry glare they are gentle and friendly not minding a cuddle or being carted around making great pets for families, beginners. Avgen Brahma line from well respected breeders. Dual purpose breed, decent layers of large cream eggs. 

    We have 2 different colour breeding pens (penned separately) Gold Partridge and our special Lemon Pyle project colour that we have worked on for years.


    Buff Cochin 


    Our Buff Cochins are carefully selected from import (Avgen) bloodlines. Stunning, large birds with very soft feathers from head to toe. Calm, friendly temperament and are extremely fluffy like a teddy bear in the form of a chicken. Happy to be handled especially if you have food! Decent layers of medium sized eggs.



    Splash & Blue Barnevelder 


    The Barnevelders are stunning dual purpose breed bred for both utility and show in mind. They are prolific layers of beautiful speckled dark, golden brown eggs and their gorgeous lacing patterns are very similar to the Wyandotte chicken breed. They are a hardy breed, good foragers with a quiet disposition.


    Bantam Chocolate Orpington


    This a a compact, confident and friendly breed with a surprisingly large egg for a little chicken. They have a glossy chocolate brown feather and always love to know what you are up to. Great for kids and smaller backyards. Rare breed birds from import bloodlines.



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