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Fertility – All of our eggs are regularly hatched to ensure the fertility rate is within 85%-100% prior to sale and all eggs are candled for abnormalities before packing. All of our poultry is well looked after, on high quality feed. There is no overcrowding in the pens and females are all with males. Eggs are a natural product so please be aware that the fertility rates can vary at times so for example changes in weather can be a factor.


Hatch rate – It is over to you and the incubator, technique of incubation or broody. Humidity, temperature, weather, quality of the incubator, candling proficiency, how the eggs were turned, Lockdown conditions and more. We can provide hatching guides but best practice is to do a some research or have a little experience under your belt before buying shipped eggs especially for geese fertile eggs.


Livestock (chicks, hens, geese, etc) - All of our parent stock is sourced from reputable breeders and we try our best to stick to Australian standard breed guidelines within our knowledge. Only the birds we are happy with are in our breeding pens. However, no breeder can guarantee all the chicks will hatch perfect, even if they are bred from perfect parents as we do not know the entire history & genetic background (eg. their great-great-great parents, or how they were bred etc). We will truthfully provide as much information regarding our stock. We do not take back roosters or any other stock due to Biosecurity Ricks.


Pick Ups - with Fertile eggs fresh is best! Please pick up ASAP or they will be too old to use.
We cannot hold eggs after no shows and will contact the next person on the wait list or repost the eggs as available.

Live poultry pick up, we are happy to look after your poultry purchase for up to 10 days but after that there will be a $5 per bird weekly charge. Preferably make sure you are ready to pick up your purchase before ordering.




Postage is via EGGSPRESS safe carton/s, On Mondays and Tuesdays via AU POST express post prepaid satchel bag with tracking number. We understand that Express postage with all the packaging isn’t the cheapest but it is the quickest way to get your package to you ASAP. We do our absolute best packing our eggs to ensure we take precautions for the bumpy road, we want the eggs to arrive in the best possible condition but unfortunately once the Post has them we cannot guarantee. There is many things that are out of our control once they have left our sight, the entire parcel might get damaged during shipping, it could be shaken too much (damaging the eggs internal air pocket), exposed to too hot or cold temperature, or unexpected delays etc….all of which can effect hatch results.


By Ordering/Purchasing from us (Including local pick up & shipping orders) you have agreed to our terms & understand the risks. No refunds or returns for FERTILE EGGS & ALL LIVESTOCK.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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